How To Start a Bullet Journal

Starting a bullet journal is a great way to organize your daily or academic life, track important information, and get creative. If you have been wondering how to start a bullet journal for yourself, the process is actually a lot easier and as flexible or rigid as you want it to be. There are a couple things to keep in mind though to make keeping a bullet journal both a successful endeavor that you stick to, but also to help you lead a more productive life.

The following are items you need to consider to begin bullet journaling, items you will need to purchase, and how to go about setting up your very own bullet journal, as well as where to find inspiration.

Determine What Purpose Your Bullet Journal Will Serve
Are you trying to record your daily tasks? Need a way to keep track of all your school assignments and study routine? Make some decisions about what purpose your journal will serve and what information you want to track in order to help you narrow down the type of bullet journal to purchase.

Choose a Journal
Choosing the right journal is the first step in insuring that you stick with your bullet journal, but will also make journaling fun and easy for you. You can bullet journal in any size or type of notebook, with options ranging from super budget friendly composition books to custom designed notebooks. Choose what you can both afford, are comfortable working in on a daily basis, and in a size that will fit all your planning needs. Consider everything from the weight of the paper to the design of the pages which can make it easier to create layouts on each individual page. Be sure to check out our guide to the best bullet journal notebooks 2020.

Creating a Journal Index
To start your bullet journal, create an index where you will be able to keep track of what is in your journal in order to quickly find the information you are tracking. You do not need to have all the page numbers from the start, because you have yet to create and fill in your journal, but this index allows you to add new items that get added to your journal as you create them.

Adding Monthly Calendars
If you are using your bullet journal as a planner and calendar, even if it is just to track certain information and not a day to day calendar, it is crucial to add monthly calendars. Your calendar is able to be customized the the way you want to track information so don’t think that you need to create a standard monthly calendar layout. Get creative, and use as little or as much space for recording the days of the month.

Weekly and Daily Pages
In addition to a monthly calendar, set up weekly and daily pages to your calendar where you can plan out the tasks and goals you want to accomplish. Do these ahead of time so that you can just begin filling in each week and days worth of information when the time comes. Ideally, you want to set up an entire month’s worth of monthly, weekly, and daily pages prior to the start of the new month.

Goal and Project Pages
Bullet journals are a great way to plan, attach, and assess goals and projects that you are trying to focus on. By creating goal pages at the start of each week and month you can easily keep track of work that needs to be done to hit your targets and reach a goal. The same can be done for school and work projects that you are currently working on. Remember to leave room for notes, brainstorming, and tasks that need to be completed.

List and Collection Pages
If you are a list taker, or like to keep track of collections of information, including list and collection pages in your bullet journal is key. You can create an entire list section in your journal, or incorporate lists into your daily, weekly, or monthly sections.


Many bullet journalers use trackers to record information regarding their day to day lives, goals, wellness information and more. Whether you are trying to reach a goal, train for an event, or just want to keep track of your daily moods, trackers can be a fun way to gather all that information on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Tips for Journal Keeping
Keeping a bullet journal is a great way to incorporate creativity into your daily life while creating a routine and increasing your productivity. Add color with pens, markers and watercolor, and be sure to see our choices for the best markers for bullet journaling. Create a monthly theme and doodle in your journal to add a little personality to your planning. Websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are filled with bullet journal inspiration to keep you from growing bored with your bullet journaling. In the end, your journal is all about what you want it to be so make sure you allow for flexibility and changes as you discover what information you want to record and what does or doesn’t work for you