Choosing The Best Office Phone Systems For Small Businesses And Enterprises


Jun 10, 2019

Are you looking for a Business phone number for your business but confused at various verticals?

If yes, then this post is just what you need.

An office phone system is the backbone of every business. Without it, no business can thrive in properly. It is required to establish inbound and outbound communication for a business which further enforces the success. That is why every business needs to be extra vigilant while buying an office phone number. A wrong choice can lead to major downfall.

Choosing the right business phone system is a quite tricky job. You need to pay constant attention to certain factors like how much it will cost, what are your business requirements, will it be a support or hindrance in future growth, and so on. While so many options are still in the market, choosing the right one becomes highly tedious. Here is our experts’ help on the subject for you.

Understand the available options well

While you are going to shop around for your office phone number, understanding the available options well in advance is what holds the utmost importance. For a small business, the available office phone system options are:

Traditional landline

One of the most old-school phone systems, landline phones is the basic option that a small business can operate. However, its utility in today’s digital era is very limited. It is only half as good as you can only transmit calls using it. Unified communication is not at all possible with this.

Moreover, the high upfront investment and call incurring charges are the biggest reasons behind its less popularity in current times.

Pros – It is a time tested option. So, you can rely on it. 

Cons – It has limited viability.

Conclusion – Go for it if you want to play safe and your business can be maintained with limited communication options. However, it still lacks credibility in today’s digital world.

VoIP phone system

In the wake of technology, traditional communication got fueled with the power of the internet. Now, we can make/receive calls, media, voicemails, and video calls over an internet connection. This type of communication is known as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol wherein communication takes place in the form of data packets. Because of this different call transmission, call incurring charges are far less in VoIP when compared to the landline phone system.

If you are a start-up, investing in online phone number service for business is the best thing that you do. Now, this is further divided into two categories.

On-premise VoIP system

In this type of internet phone service for business, the hardware and software required for operations are installed at the office location. The office admin is responsible for regular maintenance as well. Doing all of this by your own exerts great financial burden that can only be borne by an enterprise-level business.

Pros – You are the in-charge of the whole system and can mold it as per your requirements. 

Cons – High set-up and maintenance cost. 

Conclusion – Just grab it you are ready to bear high set-up cost.

Hosted VoIP system

Hosted or on-cloud VoIP system is what in which the user pays a fixed monthly rental and avail all the services without any worries. The hosted phone system doesn’t demand high set-up costs and sets you free from maintenance worries that will be dealt by the VoIP service provider. Everything will be available on-cloud and users can easily use the resources. That is why it is the best option for small businesses and start-ups.

Pros – Using it is easy, cost-effective, and hassle-free. 

Cons – Customization can be a little tough. 

Conclusion – This is the best option for all those businesses who want to have a cost-effective unified communication system for their business. 

Choose the one which supports your future growth.

Growth is what every business seeks. While you are growing, your business phone system should be a support, not a hindrance. With a VoIP phone system, growing in the international sphere is easy. You need not change your phone number as your business crosses the geographical boundaries of various countries. With its global call forwarding, virtual phone number, and local number facility, global expansion is an easy job.

Go for the market leader.

VoIP or landline hosted phone system or on-premise, whatever choice you make seeing your current requirements and spending capacity, you must go with the market leader.

Some service providers may quote a lesser amount but you may have to deal with poor after-sales service, low-voice quality, and fewer features. Research the market and choose the one which offers quality service without digging a hole in your pocket.

Finding the right office phone system is not easy. What seems best in others’ cases may not be that good in your business ecosystem. So, pay attention to all these factors and get the best phone system.