6 Instagram Hacks for Better Instagram Stories

There is no doubt in the fact that Instagram has penetrated the social media market and has saturated it to the point that Instagram is the first thing we all see when we open our eyes in the morning. There are tons of amazing features on Instagram, one of them being the Instagram stories which make sure that you can convey your message or anything in a more compelling way. But how do you make the stories catchy and better? We have got some amazing tricks and tips for you all. So, hold your horses, catch your phone, and learn while we are telling you!

Change the Font Colors

Color is something that grabs the user’s attention at first. For example, if you have used some bright colored font with a plain or neutral background, it is surely going to catch the viewer’s eye. So, if you want to change and customize the font color, follow our steps mentioned below;

  1. Open the Instagram camera and upload or capture something that you want to put as the story
  2. Then, at the top-right corner, click on the Aa button
  3. The keyboard will pop open, and you can choose the colors as per your choice (there are preselected color ranges available if you scroll to the right)
  4. However, if you want more options, tap and hold the preselected color and different tones of that color will appear to choose from
  5. Once you have selected the color, just hit on done and tada!

If you are a business, it is better tool to use logo creator to portray a business image and inculcate the brand in stories!

Change The Pen Size & Font

There are different font options for the Instagram stories along with the pen option. At default, the settings are mid-ranged, and the brush size will be thick. This is best to create a prominent outlook, Buy Instagram Followers Paypal ,but if your available space is less, you can pinch in the text to change the size. If you want to adjust the pen size, there is a slider on the left side, slide it up or down to make the desired changes in fonts or thickness. Last but not least, if you want to make the pen thin and fonts smaller, slide the circle on the slider down and vice versa.

Solid Background

When you are talking about Instagram, it is named as the photo-sharing app, and all the users on Instagram pay attention to each detail of the picture. So, when you are designing and adorning the stories on Instagram, it is vital to have a solid background.

Solid backgrounds mean no image and just a one-colored background, and they are used when you don’t want the viewers to be distracted by the details in the images. If you want to create a solid background and don’t know how to, we have added the guideline for you in the section below;

  1. First of all, take the image of anything (it will not matter because it will be changed in the next steps but capturing it is important)
  2. Once you have captured the image, at the taskbar, click on the pen icon and you will be able to change the color of the background
  3. Once you have selected the color, click on the screen and it will turn into the color you had selected
  4. Click on done and now write anything that you wanted to with a solid background. Once you are done writing, try to add stickers or doodles to make the stores attractive

Build The Text

If you have so much to say, and if you add it in one story, it will lose the meaning or get challenging to read, it is better to create multiple stories. For example, add some text in one story and the next part in another story to keep things readable. Moreover, it will also create a wave of curiosity so that you can easily engage the Instagram story views.

Turn Photos Into The Videos

There are famous seven-second videos on Instagram, and if you want to elongate it, you can go up to 15 seconds. However, if you have a picture and want to convert it into a video, add some song or animation to it, and the video will be created, yes, it is that easy! The Insta DP download tool allows you to save a photo to your storage medium, enabling you to access it whenever you want

Keep Things Hidden

If you want to engage the users on profile rather than on stories, upload the new image on profile, and add the chunk of it on stories and ask the audience to visit the profile. For instance, upload the full image on the story but add some sticker on the face or other important details to add curiosity and make the audience visit the profile.