Digital Marketing Education: Getting to Know the Market Demand

Is Digital Marketing a good career 2019 and in times to come? In order to get an answer to this question, one will have to take a look at what’s the market demand for Digital Marketing education. Knowing this will not just help in understanding the importance of Digital Marketing education, but would also give you a fair idea about the digital marketing career growth and prospects.

Thus, we will now take a dive into the various aspects related to the market demand for Digital Marketing education.

Here we go….

Demand for Digital Marketing education in today’s market

Digital Marketing has transformed into a global phenomenon

Amongst the most vital aspect to consider regarding the market demand of Digital Marketing is that it is global. While there clearly are job opportunities in this domain in the United States, it isn’t the sole nation where skills like these would make an individual a sought after hire.

While the top three potential countries in terms of the annual salary happen to be Australia ($44,000-$88,000), Netherlands ($38,000 – $65,000) and USA ($35,000 – $64,000), there are a number of other countries like India, United Kingdom etc., who are not far behind. These happen to recruit professionals who have undergone Digital Marketing education.

Increased use of AI and marketing automation

Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI, has not just become a part of Digital Marketing, but many other domains of technology as well. E.g. automation of ads on varied platforms like Google, Facebook etc. Going ahead, AI can also be deployed to refine such ads depending on the data of what works and what does not. If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence, then you can learn from Intellipaat by taking a artificial intelligence online course.

AI thus will play an important role in the analysis of huge amounts of data. Not to forget Predictive Marketing.

It is anticipated that AI will go on to become prominent with almost 84% of the U.S. digital ad revenue being dedicated to programmatic ads in the near future. As stated by eMarketer.

All in all, as far as Marketing Automation goes, AI will play an integral part in the deployment of marketing strategies, not far from now.

So, to be with the times, one will have to undergo training by enrolling for the Digital Marketing Classes in Pune at a reputed and leading training institute.

A constantly growing industry

The expanse of the Internet has transformed Digital Marketing into not just a local but a global phenomenon. With the market, businesses, and audience increasingly focusing on the digital space, Digital Marketing is all set to grow in a continuous manner.

In contrast to some of the other professions that are struck with automation, Digital Marketing is one field where the scope for automation is limited. That’s the reason there happens to be a kind of future-proofing associated with this domain that guarantees that students aspiring to graduate and enter the industry will have a number of career tracks open before them.

For those who have already settled in their professions, education in Digital Marketing is a necessity these days, to keep pace with the competitors. Also, the organizations can do value addition to their current employees by building their skill set and furnishing them with the knowledge and skills required to flourish in the organization and to enable the business to keep up a significant marketing presence in this dynamic digital landscape.

Organizations going for personalization more and more

According to research, as many as 66% of the workforce would go for a company switch, in case they feel just like a number as opposed to an individual.

It happens to be a world of personalization. In the present scenario, every progression in technology is targeted at bettering the relationship between a machine and a human. Today, individuals prefer becoming more than just customers of a company.

This makes it pretty clear that personalization isn’t just a requirement anymore. Instead, it has become a necessity. An illustration of the personalization trend is the Quora Digest, which serves to be a set of recommendations based on the interest of the users.

Thus, the demand for personalization will bring forth plenty of opportunities for Data Analysts, in the upcoming years, for analyzing the interests of the users. Mobile marketers and email marketers will likewise end up being instrumental for sending customized messages over Email, SMS and so forth.

Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri are the ones that would provide you with the essential Digital Marketing knowledge and skills. Look for a practical oriented course amongst these, to undergo hands-on real-time training.

The emergence of Voice Assistants has redefined SEO

As per studies, currently, 30% of the U.S. population makes use of Voice Assistants. No doubt that the popularity of such gadgets is all set to rise. Such products are known to make our lives more comfortable and easy, by answering the user’s queries invoice.

These devices give replies to the queries, by taking a gander at the first result that shows up in the quick search. This has redefined SEO. Presently, more organizations are striving to achieve a premier position on the web, through the use of Voice Search as their primary strategy.

This implies, companies will not simply go for a higher rank only on the search engine result pages, but on the voice search results as well.

The market demand scenario for Digital Marketing education looks really bright. So, make the maximum out of it, by opting for a career in this field.

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