Game Inspired Gifts For Valentine’s Day

The love season is here with us again! Valentine is the month to take our expression of love to a higher notch as lovers outdo themselves to impress their loved ones.

The season is never complete if you appear for that evening party without a gift in your hands. However, at times one can be lost for gift ideas, but a colorful pictures gallery can help you finally decide on some gift ideas you may have.

Games are all-time gift ideas. A board game or puzzle is always a welcome option because of its unique features. Board games typically move cubes, dices, or pieces on a pre-marked paying surface.

 Common board games are chess, Sudoku, scrabble, and monopoly. However, there are many other board games you should consider in your list of games and gifts. Let’s take a look at some options.

  1. Catan

Catan is a popular board game for anyone seeking to expand their horizon and experience the thrill of board gaming. This game has a simple structure that entails structuring and building with light strategies. Every new gamer or a seasoned one at that will find Catan intriguing and exciting.

Catan’s players try to dominate on Catan’s island by building bridges, castles, cities, and settlements. This is a game that every gamer should have in their collection.

Catan is gaining popularity because its components are simple and easy. Every beginner in board gaming craze to the advanced players will find it interesting to play.

  1. Ticket-to-ride

If you have never plated anything beyond the roll-and-move dice games, then ticket-to-ride is a must-have in your collection. It’s a game bound to be loved and enjoyed by the young and old alike.

As the name suggests, ticket-to-ride is a cross-country adventure via train. The train-adventure requires the players to assemble and play matching train tickets to claim railway routes throughout North American cities.

 The game’s thrill is in succeeding in taking the longer routes because only then does the player earn more points.

2-5 gamers can play Ticket-to-ride with simple rules to write on a tram ticket. It is ideal for a family set-up as everyone can have a chance to take a ride on the train. A player either claims a route, draws extra cards, or gets more destination tickets.

A beginner can quickly learn the game because it’s easy to understand as they also use the light strategy to pocket more cards.

  1. Kingdomino

Kingdomino is an ideal game for board game beginners. It is not only easy to play but also relatively affordable. The game also has a short playtime duration. Kingdomino also offers the chance for gamers to sharpen their artistic skills and gameplay.

Its basic gameplay involves an individual player owing their castles where they use the “dominos.” The dominos use varying terrains to make a grid about the castle.

The game also enhances the gamer’s artistic abilities because they create fields, lakes, mines, planes, and more. The more a player collects similar terrains together, the more the points.

Kingdomino also involves light strategy. The player travels along, picking tiles to enhance their kingdom or hinder opponents from building and improving theirs.

  1. Tiny towns

As the name suggests, tiny towns require the gamer to plan and build their town, one structure after another, till the city is complete. This is also a perfect game for a family setup, comprising of 1-6 players. The gaming session lasts between 45-60 minutes.

In this game, a player is a mayor in the town built in the forest. In the forest are small creatures who have raised a civilization away from the dangerous predators. Consequently, the animals need help gathering building materials and other scarce resources.

 The game’s challenge is the demand on the player to build a sprawling town within the forest.

Tiny town dynamics are each gamer obtaining a 4 by 4 town grid. Resource dices are placed strategically for the player to construct structures and build their town.

However, there’s a trick to watch out for! Once a gamer places their resources, they should remain so and used in constructing a building. A player garners victory points when a building is constructed.

The climax that ends the game comes when no more players have resources for building the town structures.

Worthwhile takeaway

A board game lover may possess many puzzles in their collection, but their curiosity can hardly be quenched. The craze to win the next game is always insatiable. Buy any of these board games to thrill your lover, spouse, or friend this valentine. They’ll always have the chance to replay the puzzle, which is the fun behind board games.