Helpful Tips for Choosing a Baby Monitor


Nov 13, 2019

Not all baby monitors are created equal. For this reason, it is smart to do at least a little reviewing to find helpful tips on choosing a baby monitor. Being out of the room and allowing a baby to sleep is not only healthy for the baby, but for the parents as well. Therefore, getting acquainted with the details by reading a home security blog is recommended.

What does a basic baby monitor do?

While it is possible to go all out and get a monitor with all the bells and whistles, the most basic of monitors will allow you to hear what is going on in the room. Being able to listen inside the room is the least that a baby monitor should be able to accomplish. Your baby needs a quiet atmosphere to rest, just like anyone else. But here is a tip. If your family lives in a small house a baby monitor will not be needed. You will be able to hear nearly every noise that would wake up your child. This is not the case if a medical professional says a baby monitor is needed.

Do you need a deluxe baby monitor?

Some baby monitors will deliver a huge amount of data. They come with two cameras, have a 3D rotating lens, play songs to your baby and hook up directly to your smartphone. With all these abilities, the price tag for the monitor starts getting close to a thousand dollars. Nevertheless, it will allow you as a parent to talk to the baby through its built-in speakers. This is similar to a PA system in school. One of the best things about this type of system is that it uses batteries. For a young one, this could be a great feature. The baby could not be shocked by a cord attached to the wall. That is, the monitor is not connected by a wire to an electrical socket. This is an extra amount of security that some parents do not think of. For the extra-careful parent, this may be the most desirable thing.

Tips for a baby monitor that uses Wifi

Although the range of a monitor for your baby is important if you own a medium or large house, the Wifi may be a weak point of the entire system. If you have heard of hackers getting into the baby monitor system and talking to the baby, you already know the horror stories. This can happen with a Wifi setup.

One tip about these types of monitors is to use a different radio transmitter for the baby monitor. Analog transmitters would be able to do this. They will usually transmit in the 49 megahertz or 900 megahertz spectrum. This technology has been around longer than digital (Wifi) radio transmission, so it is not some new untested technology. If someone or something interrupts the signal, a different channel can be selected.

The bottom line about a monitor that works over Wifi is that there is no way to completely secure it. Wifi monitors are digital transmitters and are ubiquitous. Because of being in practically every nook and cranny of the neighborhood they are more visible to hackers. If you are a parent who is not good with computer security, and you live in a Wifi congested area, choose an analog radio monitor.

Perhaps an analog model is not to your liking. In this case, there is one other digital radio spectrum that may be able to give you more security than Wifi. This would be a monitor that uses the 2.4 gigahertz radio range. No data is run through the internet with this setup and a secure channel is used to get the job done.

Choosing a baby monitor that covers more than one room.

Perhaps you had twins. This means two of everything, including monitors. In the world of technology, families of twins are also taken care of. Some of the top rated baby monitors for two rooms include the ability to see both rooms on one screen. Like the deluxe models, they do everything but clean the kitchen sink. One important feature is the ability to be able to see in the dark. Infrared capability, also called night vision, is built into the better baby monitors, Being able to see both your babies in the middle of the night can bring peace of mind to you the parent and more security to both your babies.

One tip to remember is to choose a monitor with a screen that has brightness control. The recent news about blue light from computer screens and smartphones applies here. You do not want a baby monitor screen blasting out light that will keep you from enjoying your own sleep at night.

For those who have to work a lot

Even with a nanny at home to take care of your baby while you work, a monitor can be a smart idea. Some monitors offer this ability. Knowing what your baby and the babysitter is up to at all times is a great feature. If you have the micro-manager personality some systems come with the ability to communicate as well. This is the ultimate in long-range security for your baby.

Lounging by the patio or in the pool is easily accomplished with some models of baby monitors. The aforementioned 2.4 gigahertz models will broadcast a signal through the walls of the house and to the outdoors up to 85 feet away.

Make sure all the parts are included in the box

The last tip for choosing a baby monitor is to check the parts list. Some manufacturers include extra lenses but they must be bought separately. Be sure of what you are getting before buying by checking exactly what is included in the box. In this case, the best surprise is no surprise