IBM TRIRIGA Reporting – Making Business Reporting Hassle-Free


Feb 9, 2021

IBM TRIRIGA is a dedicated integrated workforce management system that can help in the maintenance and management of various operational activities within an organization. Different activities concerned with real estate management, financial activities, energy management et cetera can be effectively carried out through the adoption of such a solution. It acts as a software solution consisting of different modules that can take care of different activities like capital projects of a company to ensure hassle-free completion of dedicated processes. TRIRIGA Reporting acts as a subsidiary of the parent solution which allows companies and their various constituents to create dedicated graphs, reports et cetera which can be easily shared and communicated with different departments.

This system acts as a one-stop solution that can take care of every activity related to an organization. Reporting becomes hassle-free, recording of every work activity can be carried out efficiently and records of different work processes can be maintained through the adoption of such a solution. The reporting module is a user-friendly and easy to understand interface that can help in creating well-defined graphs and other reports. Organizations and their employees receive necessary capabilities using which they can create reports of different work activities, add dedicated columns and make necessary additions or subtractions to a particular report for better interactivity. One can easily view and analyze the available data from anywhere without any kind of problems through the adoption of such a solution.

There are various benefits that organizations receive upon adoption of such a software solution:

  1. Integration of work activities, data, and its customization:

The first and the foremost benefit which an organization is received through such a solution is that different work activities are completed with better efficiency. Data has generated from different work processes like capital asset management, energy management, and real estate management can be combined and delivered in the form of reports without any hassle. One can even opt for customizations and add necessary columns and graphs to such reports for easier and interactive understanding. The whole process of reporting becomes hassle-free and streamlined through the adoption of such a solution.

  1. Easy to understand and user-friendly interface:

The solution for keeping a track record of every activity, Management of various work processes, and completion of dedicated activities are easy to adopt and understand. Organizations can understand the solution due to a user-friendly interface. Organizations can easily generate reports and communicate the same to other individuals and departments without any hassle. The whole process of adoption and understanding of the solution becomes error-free and without any kind of problems.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, this system becomes an essential aspect that can help in combining and integrating various work processes even the disintegrated workforce. It acts as a critical solution that can help in integrating business operations and workforce doubt causing any kind of disruption to the normal business workflow. Generation of TRIRIGA Reports acts as an add-on benefit that organizations receive upon adoption of such a solution.