Signs That Tell It’s Time to Change Your Router


Feb 27, 2021

Your internet router may just be one of the necessary gadgets you have in your home. And when it’s to do with computer networks, Wi-Fi routers play a significant role in building and directing Wi-Fi signals into your home.

However, in most cases, once we’ve set up the internet router, we barely ever think about it again. In fact, you might have just gone with whatever way the internet provider had installed the router when you signed up for their service.

Internet routers allow our tablets and phones to connect to a Wi-Fi network, and without one, it won’t be possible. While routers do last for many years, they can somehow still wear out because of functionality issues.

Hence, in this current era, where we’re doing everything from home, it has become essential to have a good internet router running your network traffic. Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing some possible signs that prove it’s time to replace your router.

Let’s begin.

A Lag in Your Internet Speed

In all honesty, a good internet router should always have the ability to take full advantage of the internet speeds you’ve signed up for. But, if you notice a recurring lag in your network, then there are some steps to make sure if your router is in fact the main culprit.

More than often, a basic reboot might be all your network requires, so start by taking some obvious steps. Such as unplugging both your modem and router and then pugging them both back in.

Troubleshooting may not seem like it’ll make much of a difference, but in reality, you might see improvements in your internet speeds. Moreover, it’s also a smart decision to perhaps bypass the router entirely.

In other words, this can be done by wiring the computer directly into the modem through the use of an Ethernet cable. If you notice that the online performance is noticeably better because of the hardwiring, as compared to when you connect wirelessly, it’s a clear sign that the internet router is not living up to your network’s potential.

Broken Indicator Lights

One of the best ways to determine if the internet router is working is by observing its indicator lights. When the router is functioning properly, most of its indicator lights should be blinking or are constantly lit up.

However, if you’re connected to the internet but aren’t able to see any indicator lights on your router, then there has to be something faulty with the device itself. Generally, when the router is turned on, its indicator lights ought to always remain illuminated, even if it’s not producing a connection to any connected device.

What you should do is try performing transitional troubleshooting as mentioned earlier, and also remove and reinsert cables in their respective ports. If the problem doesn’t subside, contact your internet service provider or head to a nearby repair shop to have your router replaced or repaired.

Sporadic Connection

There’s absolutely nothing as frustrating as experiencing a sporadic connection. Basically, one moment the network is working just fine and you’re on the roll while working or browsing, and then before you know it, the internet speed has dropped.

And then you’re staring at the “No Internet Connection” error. After a short wait, the connection seems to be working again. This cycle keeps repeating until it gets impossible to complete any task without losing your cool.

This is another sign that it may be time to replace your router. In most cases, this issue is often due to poor coverage area. What you can do is try changing the position of your router to somewhere in the open where there’s barely any obstruction such as walls.

However, if this problem persists on, then there’s indefinitely something faulty with the router itself.

Breakdown and Overheating of Router

One major sign that proves your router might be failing is when it just stops functioning. This means, the router isn’t responding no matter whatever buttons are being pressed, or if the indicator lights aren’t lit to show its working.

Now when this occurs, be mindful to check the connector cables and wired linked to your modem and computer. Also, make sure they’re inserted properly into the right ports. Likewise, it’s important to ensure the power source is functioning well.

Moreover, most routers are made of a particular material to withstand heating. However, routers that are as old as 3 to 5 years and more, are likely to be damaged by overheating.

When all these possible causes have been eradicated, and the router is still not functioning, then it must be broken.

To Sum it All Up: Do I Need a New Router?

If you’re experiencing most of the signs mentioned above, you don’t have to immediately replace your router. Do basic troubleshooting and if that doesn’t help, then consider having your router replaced!

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