Monitor Your Kid’s On Halloween To Make Trick And Treating Safe


Oct 24, 2019

The monitoring of children has become compulsory since technology has evolved among the masses. This is the month of October and yet again the Halloween is right about the corner and parents especially mothers already have made Halloween costumes for the children. Fathers, on the other hand, have been made checks and balances in their surrounding neighborhood, in particular, to make sure their children will remain safe on the scary night of Halloween from sex offenders such as bullies, child abusers, rapist, and others convicts living near to your residential area.

The Halloween festival is already known for evils spirits that’s why people celebrate this night wearing different sorts of costumes printed with pumpkins images, ghosts, and evils faces and masks. However, parents have to make a double check in the neighborhood to know about the presence of sex offenders. On the other side, there are states in the U.S where convicts can pass candies to the children in the response of trick and treating, such as Michigan State.

“The convicted sexual predator’s registry and the Law does not prevent that, according to the First Lieutenant Lisa, the officer of the Michigan Police Department said that. “It means sex offenders can hand out candies. The reason behind it could be, they are on payroll, probation or some kind of bond condition, and they were not allowed to do that at some point in time. However, they can do that with the accordance of the Law.

You can check the sex offender’s registry and you would be able to get residential information and other details of predators living in your surrounding neighborhood. It will help you out to know where your children should go on Halloween night or where they should not. You may get information regarding convicts, but when it comes to the predators that are not convicts but could be living in your surroundings and mingle with your children on Halloween night and pass candies. Therefore, parents have to look after their children and they should track their location in real-time and as well as monitor their social media activities before the festival.

 It will help out parents to know what children are talking about on social media, what they are planning about Halloween, and to whom they are sharing media. Furthermore, when Halloween comes you need to keep an eye on your children’s location when they are doing trick and treating in particular. Therefore, parents have to monitor kids and teen cell phone devices to monitor the location and social media activities to make sure their online and digital safety.

Monitor children location on Halloween when doing trick and treating

You can do surveillance on children’s real-time GPS location when they are celebrating Halloween with their friends on the roads and in the neighborhood using cell phone surveillance app. You can simply get your hands on it by visiting the webpage of the cellphone tracking app and get the subscription online. Now get access to children’s mobile phone devices and start the installation process. When you have done with the process of installation then activate it on the target device. Use the credentials you have got via email and get access to the online control panel. Now you can get multiple high –tech tools that empower you to monitor kids’ and teens’ locations when they are doing trick and treating on Halloween.

Furthermore, you can get a real-time GPS location and location history and create GEO –Fence concerning the dangerous areas and safe place. You have already had the information about sexual offenders, so you can choose the place to create a fence on the MAP using a cellphone monitoring app.

Additionally, you would be able to get email notifications whether your child enters or leave the fence and moving towards the dangerous side on Halloween night. Before the Halloween festival come you can come to know the social media activities of your children to assess what they are planning about the festivals and to whom they are planning. It will help you out whether teens and kids are talking to strangers or friends. So, you can get Safe Halloween 40% discount on the cell phone spy app to make sure children’s safety on the Holliday.


If you want to make sure kids safety on the upcoming Halloween festival then monitor their location by using the sex offenders registry, but be care full from the predators that are not convicts yet. To track the location of your children in real-time.

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