Dating Technologies of The Future

Like many futurologists from the 20th century did, we also can try to predict what dating technologies are going to be used in the future. We can assume that while we still have our biological bodies, we all at some point in our lives will use special dating technologies. Even nowadays, the amount of different approaches to this topic is incredible. We can chat with people online, send our photos and videos. We can even have a video chat online. 

It seemed next to impossible a couple of decades ago, but now it is a piece of cake for our modern devices. And we haven’t mentioned spicy things that happen between two people at nights on their beds, or maybe online on the Internet? Nowadays, we have a huge amount of options to make our nightlife spicier, but let’s omit this topic for now. We tried to assume what should common people expect from dating technologies of the future. We made a list of future tendencies roots of which we can witness even today. 


The end of the second decade of the 21st first century became dawn for various Virtual Reality devices. Nowadays, we have access to many different VR sets, starting from cases for your smartphones up to really expensive sets with helmet, manipulators, and the requirement to have a high-end pc or at least a modern console. Mostly those things are used for gaming and content consumption. Plus, they are not very comfortable to wear. It is hard to have a romantic attitude when you are forced to wear a heavy helmet and have to be careful with various wires that go from and to it.  

But even today if you try to google something like “VR dating services” you will be pleasantly surprised how many different options are already available on the market. But unfortunately, we can’t recommend any of those services. Usually they feel pretty dull and artificial, plus they require expensive equipment and monthly fees. The more people use new technologies, the cheaper they become. So, in a couple of years you will probably be using some Tinder clone but with VR headset for your smartphone. 

Real senses

This world becomes closer and closer. Unfortunately, technologies apparently can’t stop wars that fire all around the globe, but at least they may help us make a new step in international dating. Why international? Because even right now, there is no reason to only flirt over text if you live in one neighborhood. We must warn that you must live in the real world, no matter how great future VR technologies are going to be. Reality will always be better. Ok, now when we have warned you, let’s go back to our main topic.  

According to experts, in the near future, we will have equipment that will allow us to feel touches and other manipulations on distance. This technology will completely change the way we see remote relationships right now. Imagine that you can experience completely real senses from a virtual date with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You will be able to spend time in any place you want without really going there, without risk and stress. This sounds almost impossible now, but almost everything that we use in our lives now once seemed impossible. 

Artificial intelligence

Today, when you use some dating apps, such as Tinder its algorithms, try to find you a better match according to the information that you filled about yourself, plus they analyze your activity in this app. But soon it will be possible to apply those algorithms to real-world habits. They will be able to analyze your behavior in real life. Thus it will be possible to find you a perfect partner, with whom you will share not only the same interests but also the same habits and behavioral patterns. Plus, in the future, we will probably forget about questioners because all information will be taken directly from chemical and physical processes in our brains. 

The internet of things provides us with a tremendous amount of possibilities. In the future, we will be smarter, more adaptive, and productive than today. But unfortunately, we will have to completely forget about any privacy. Because no matter where you will be, the internet of things will always be analyzing you and your habits. A certain level of private date protection will be, but according to modern tendentious, it is safer to assume that there will be no privacy at all.