10 Excellent New Year Gift Suggestions For Your Friends and Family

The New Year will soon be knocking on the door and surely, you must be quite excited to start a new chapter of your life. The wishes will pour in and gifts will be exchanged to mark the new beginning. As good as it sounds, choosing gifts for near and dear ones becomes a tiring task at times. The New Year gifts should convey the best wishes, hopes of growth and prosperity and a look of a positive change in life and to find a number of such gifts to hand over to the ones close to you is not so easy. If you are also making a list of gift ideas one at a time, then this article will help you more than expected. Here is a collection of few presents that could do the trick and will save you a lot of time and thinking while pondering over what to give and whatnot and yes, it was curated considering the budget factor too:

Planner and Organiser

A planner with the yearly outlook, monthly goals and daily tasks is something everyone will appreciate. The idea of organised life with all the tasks handled appropriately with punctuality is intriguing to every soul out there trying to enhance productivity and achieve efficiency on any given day. The new year is the time when the stationary stores are crammed with planners, diaries and organisers. Take a trip to the local stationery market and you will definitely get what you have in mind. 


Amidst the ever-rising pollution, increasing global warming and deteriorating health, plants are literally, a breath of fresh air which helps to improve health quotient, beautify the interiors and welcome positive vibes into the house. There couldn’t be a better gift to give your loved ones. If you think purchasing from a local nursery is a hassle, try the online gift delivery in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi from a reputed online gift portal which will provide the delivery of the favourite plant at the doorstep within a matter of few hours.

Moon Lamp

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like! A moon-shaped light placed on a sturdy wooden stand that emits just enough light for you to read before going to bed without throwing sharp illumination, lighting up the room and hurting your eyes. It also adds cosmic elegance to the room decor and will make the new year memories brighten up with a soothing luminescence. It will make a perfect gift for your beloved who will definitely dream about you every night.


You could never go wrong with gifting a nice fragrance to the one you love. No matter what the gender is, a good fragrance attracts everyone and your friends will be delighted to receive one as a New Year gift. Every spray on the body and compliment from someone will remind them of you and your wonderful sense of gifts. If you think about it, you are gifting them your affection packed in an attractive bottle and bearing irresistible aroma.

Gym Membership

The number of fitness resolutions on New Year is quite more than any other promises that people make for a better version of self. So, why not help your loved one with their fitness agenda in the new year and gift them a gym membership for a month to give them a head start with their fitness regime. They will love you for that and also, they couldn’t escape from fulfilling the promise they made for a being a better and fitter version in this new beginning of life.


Name a more classy way to celebrate the occasion, I’ll wait! Just pop the bottle and welcome the New Year with love, joy and enthusiasm and raise a toast to everything good and nice that is about to happen in everyone’s lives. Make this new year all about living in the moment without regretting the past and analysing the future and start the practice from the very first day with a glass of champagne in hand.

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