Top Beauty Trends of the Last Decade

The past ten years have seen some big beauty trends, some of which were short lived while others were more substantial. Here are the major cosmetics updates that have taken the industry and the everyday beauty routine by storm.

Dark Lips

It wasn’t the goth trend, but it was certainly a stark contrast to bright reds of the past. The dark red lipstick look has been trending off and on for the last decade, so it’s handy to have one in your makeup bag. If you’re not sure if you can pull off the look, here are some tips to boost your confidence. First, set the lipstick to last all day by giving them a gentle scrub with a toothbrush and following with a lip balm. Then use a lip brush to apply the lipstick for total control.

Thick Eyeliner

The move from a thin line under the eye to a thicker eyeliner along the top and bottom was a big update. It meant that women used more products than before and spent more time creating a bold look. Rather than being a subtle line, the goal was to create a stunning look that was anything but natural. Celebrities like singer Kesha started using the look, and it became even more popular.

Online Shopping

Another trend that has blossomed over the past decade is online shopping. Many people enjoy the convenience of buying items from the comfort of home. It is a major timesaver, and you can save money on your preferred beauty items. Use Sephora coupons online to apply to a range of makeup, skincare, and fragrance items, among others.

Nail Art

If you’re on Pinterest, then you know this one is continually trending. Nail art includes stencils along the cuticles, tops of the nails, and across the entire nail. Wear nail designs in colors, styles, and patterns that match your outfit, mood, season, or just about anything else. From flowers to geometric shapes, the number of options available is numerous.

Contouring Makeup

The contouring technique became prominent in the early part of the last decade. That was when Kim Kardashian posted photos of herself before and after her makeup artist did the contouring. Soon after that, her many fans wanted to have a similar look, and attention grew for techniques that would make the cheekbones pop. You can easily get the Kim Kardashian look for holiday glam by following her tips.

Sheet Mask

The sheet mask trend rose in the late part of the last decade. Many celebs started taking pics of themselves wearing a sheet mask on Instagram and other platforms. This modern type of mask comes in many varieties, including panda-face designs on it. The moisturizing masks are designed to give you brighter skin, although many people have as much fun wearing them as seeing the after-effects.

Final Words on Beauty Trends

The last ten years have seen many trends come and go, with the ones above being some of the most intriguing ones. Let’s wait to see what the next decade brings!