Lock Your Natural Beauty With Nudestix


Apr 1, 2020

Sephora is the most lovable brand among ladies. They love to buy products from them. All makeup artists and celebrities use this brand product. They sell a wide range of beauty products. Every makeup brand, time to time launches its collection of new products. They launch new colors of matte lipsticks, a range of skincare products and perfumes. Recently the Sephora also launched a new collection of beauty products named Nudestix. They put together a full new range of exceptional makeup products and beauty essentials that ensure the regular users of Sephora a new and fresh change. All the products are designed by keeping in mind that they should be as close as possible to the original color tone of the skin and completely blend with it.

Nudestix product range has a special feature which makes it stand out from all other beauty products. The company assures that it will give you a perfect easy to go and natural makeup look. Once you use the products they create a fresh nude glam look on the face and make you more beautiful. They are just perfect for every skin type. The brand makes products irrespective of skin colors. They believe that we all have our unique version of beauty and it should be encouraged. If you are a makeup lover and fed up from the caked up looks created by other brand products then nudestix is perfect for you.

The Nudestix collection by Sephora includes a collection for lips, face, and skin. It includes a variety of products that will make your natural skin shine. The products are made from organic ingredients that will act as skincare. They have antioxidant properties too. It provides natural moisture to the skin and locks its natural beauty. The detail of the products range is mention below –

  • Dual lip and cheek pencil – a single lip plus cheek pencil is available in a variety of shades. They provide intense pigmentation and smoothness like never before. They infuse the Shea butter and vitamin E that give radiance, moisture, and youthfulness. It can be easily carried. You can keep it in any makeup kit and use it to touch up wherever you go. It is very subtle in color and can be applied very smoothly.
  • Eyeshadow – the eyeshadow provides your eyes a deep look. They assure it to stay for a long time. The eyeshadow will give you an amazing look in the evening too. They offer varieties of color under this which will set perfect with every skin tone. It includes intense colors that are very unique and give you both a matte and satin look, accordingly.
  • Blush – the little blush on skin adds a spark to the beauty. The blush selection is not an easy task. Some products give dark blush on the skin which does not appear good. The nudestix blush is very unique. Its natural colors give you a natural and creamy finish. It makes the skin glow and stays healthy. If you are a makeup lover this collection is best for you.