How to Get Naturally Straight and Silky Hair


Nov 7, 2019

It is the dream of every woman to have smooth and silky hair. Straight natural hair always gives a good impression. Prolonged use of hair-straightening chemical substances is harmful and can damage your scalp.

Are you blessed with curly hair and wonder how to get it silky and straight? This article provides you with all the solutions you need. You can get your hair naturally straight without subjecting it to heavy chemical treatments.

Here is a list of top simple treatments that will help boost your hair’s health, making it long, silky, and soft. All you need are a few tools and products to get your hair looking great and save on costs.

Keep Your Hair Clean and Well-Moisturized

Proper styling begins in the shower. Wash your hair thoroughly with clean water, shampoo, and conditioner. Gently scrub your scalp to ensure it is clean.

After washing, pat dry your hair. Use a hair straightener to style your hair.  For example, you can choose to use a compact hair straightener for effective results.  The tool distributes heat necessary for drying and straightening the hair.

Apply the right straightening moisturizer appropriate for your skin. Also, use a proper straightener for your hair to avoid hair breakage. Apply castor or coconut oil, the best-known product for straightening hair.

Use the Right Comb

Do not use round brushes because they are made to curl the hair. Use a toothpick like-comb to untangle your hairlines. Comb your hair in several sections for soft, silky, and straight hair. Always untangle your hair from below and then move upward so that you don’t face the problem of losing hair.

Regular Trimming

Always trim the edges of your hair for continuous growth and smooth strands. Damaged ends ruin glossy and fantastic hair. Therefore, consider cutting the ends to improve hair growth.

Stay Away From Chemicals

Hair products that contain ammonium and sodium sulfates are harmful to your hair. They are harsh on your scalp, thus resulting in hair loss and thinning. Using natural or herbal shampoos and other hair products can go a long way when it comes to your hair’s health. Therefore, you must avoid all sorts of hair products that contain harmful chemicals.

Hot Oil Massage

This is the most straight-forward trick of ensuring a smooth, silky, and straight hair. All you need to do is heat some coconut oil and massage it in your hair. Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips for easy penetration of the oil in your scalp. Oil works well for both straightening and heat protection.

Oil Mask

Mix equal proportional of coconut and castor oils and mix with little water. Then apply on your hair and cover it for forty-five minutes.

Oil masks smoothe the hair for easy combing and styling. Castor oils straighten the hair.

Use Natural Products

Do you know you can have your dream hair by using available products in your house? Having straight and silky hair doesn’t have to be expensive.

Use milk to straighten hair. Milk contains moisturizing products necessary to strengthen your hair. All you need to do is obtain a cup of cooled milk, mix it with water, and spray it on your hair. Allow it to stay for 30 minutes before washing. The mixture will help in straightening and softening your hair naturally.

Use apple cider vinegar rinse to your hair. The product flattens your cuticles while making your hair look shinier. Its anti-inflammatory properties are critical in combating dandruff and ensuring your exact definition of silky.

Mixing olive oils and eggs works wonders in nourishing your hair and making it strong. Besides, the mixture straightens your hair.

Apply aloe Vera to promote hair growth and keep your hair soft and smooth. Moreover, the products reduce the chances of having curly hair.

Use lemon juice to straighten your hair naturally. Apply it in your hair and then rinse it with lukewarm water. The products leave your hair looking beautiful, shiny, and silky at the same time.

If your hair is prone to dryness and breakage, apply avocado mixture. Avocados are full of vitamins and proteins great for your hair.

Onion juice is another essential product to boost hair growth. Onion juice is high in sulfur, which helps promote blood circulation to curb hair fall. The nutrients found in the products restore damaged hair for easy styling.

Don’t Wash More than Needed

Having clean hair is paramount for a healthy and straight hair. But, do you know over-washing it has negative impacts? Unless you have crazily oily hair, you do not need to wash it daily.

Over-shampooing can damage your scalp. Besides, washing your hair every day can strip off natural oils critical for growth. To avoid hair loss, wash twice a month to allow hair growth.

Stop Using Hot Styling Tools

Heat styling can cause severe damages to your hair. Lookup for no-heat tools such as wooden combs to avoid hair loss. Maintaining healthy and strong hair is crucial in boosting lengthy and silky hair.

Style Your Hair

Most people love straight and silky hair but are unwilling to take time and invest in their hair. For you to achieve your goal of having straight and silky hair, it is important to take your time and have your hair in your desired style.

If you encounter difficulties styling your hair, you can consider blow-drying your hair to make work easier. Blow-dried hair is straight and makes styling quicker.

Make it a habit of combing your hair to your desired style every day when you wake up and before going to bed. Doing this every day is an excellent initiative toward having straight hair.

Finally, natural, long, shiny, and perfectly smooth hair is everyone’s desire. Whether it’s for work, school, or out with friends, silky and straight hair is the real deal. Everyone to achieve straight, silky, glossy hair at an affordable rate. The hair straightening methods used here are natural and cheap as compared to keratin, and will keep your hair absolutely under control.

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