What You Can Do To Improve Your Email Marketing


Oct 28, 2020

We all receive a great number of emails every day – whether it’s a message from a colleague about a report or a reminder from a company about a bill that’s due to be paid. You may even send these types of email as part of your role in marketing, or if you run your own small business.

Since we get a lot of emails, it can be tricky for one message to stand out. Yet you want yours to be the one that’s opened by your customers – so how can you do that? There are a number of different methods you could follow to make sure your email marketing is a success, try some of the tips below and evaluate the results.

Prune your email list regularly

Think of your email list as a garden: while many plants may grow in it, there will be weeds that appear from time to time. If these weeds are unattended, they will overrun your garden and ruin those healthy plants. Yet pruning those weeds will mean your plants have space to grow – and your garden becomes more dynamic.

So with your email, you should remove any unengaged users from the list. You may be reluctant to do this in case they do become engaged – but if they haven’t opened one of your emails in the past six months, then it’s likely they won’t. Your success will be defined by an engaged email list rather than a long list, so be proactive about removing unengaged users frequently.

Have an alt tag for all your images

These alt tags let inbox providers read images. Many senders will leave these tags blank, but this means an email provider will see this as an empty space – so your email will end up in a spam folder because the content seems blank. So each alt tag should include a short description of what the image shows. Inbox providers can then understand what you’ve sent through email marketing, and also the text you add will be shown if images can’t be rendered correctly in the recipient’s inbox.

Take advantage of the subject line

One thing that many companies have in common – including eBay and Netflix – is: they use your first name in the subject line. This personalized promotional mailing method is when an email seems to be more personal to the reader, and is quite effective. It’s said these mailings have 29% higher unique open rates, plus 41% higher unique click rates, compared to emails that aren’t personalized. So it may be worth adding a small personal touch in the subject line.

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While some of these methods may not seem like obvious steps that you’d need to consider when looking to boost your email marketing campaigns, they can do a lot to contribute to your ultimate performance. Even seemingly small adjustments can make a great difference, so see if you can implement these and other improvements – and watch as your email marketing performance improves.