Winter Hazards and How to Avoid Them


Oct 7, 2021

Neither of the extreme seasons are safe from causing us harm. In summer we need to make sure we are well hydrated, that we apply sunblock regularly, and make sure we stay out of the sun for long periods of time.

When winter comes, we need to make sure we stay warm, also keep hydrated, and make sure we have suitable protections and appliances in place to avoid any catastrophes!

This piece will take you through some winter hazards you should be aware of this coming season, and what you need to do to keep yourself safe and protected from the elements.

Layer Up

Hypothermia kills 700 people in America per year, and while that might be surprising, it is easier than you think for your body to get cold to the point that is dangerous.

Taking this into consideration, make sure not to go outside in freezing temperatures unless you are wrapped up warm – this especially goes for children and the elderly.

It is important to note that you do not just have to go outside for the cold to be hazardous to your health. If you do not have a sufficient heating source in the home, those who are atrisk can also experience the dangers of cold weather inside.

Clear The Walkways

Snow and ice can act as a deterrent for many people, especially the vulnerable, when it comes to going outside.

Not only can it get really slippery, which can cause serious injuries if someone falls, but it can also cause vehicles to crash and otherserious road accidents.

It is important to note that it is not only heavy snow that can be a problem; light snow can be just as dangerous. Light snow can melt and re-freeze faster, meaning that slippery surfaces are much more likely.

If you live in an area that has particularly heavy snow fall and need to keep things under control to ensure you and your neighbors can get around, then consider in investing in a snow blower.

Quality snow blowers will help you clear snow out of paths, walkways, driveways, gardens, yards, and roads to make sure everyone can get to where they are going safely.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

While summer might also be another culprit when it comes to seasonal drinking, there is something about winter which just invites people to warm up with a tipple. Many don’t think twice about popping a shot of Irish cream in their hot chocolate or having that extra glass of fizz at party – and do not forget Christmas gatherings either where just “one more glass” is said, well… more than once.

While it can be great to let loose and splurge on your favorite treats and drinks, it can also be around this time where people are prone to overindulging, which can cause grave consequences.

Alcohol poisoning is not difficult to get if you do not keep an eye on how many drinks you are consuming over a specific period of time, and pairing this with the colder weather is a risk you should not ignore.