10 men’s underwear myths that should have died a long time ago.


Apr 27, 2021

When we see the world around us, we know about the rapid progress we are making. It is not hidden from our eyes that we are climbing the ladder of development day by day. We are becoming more advanced, and all the credit goes to the knowledge, the knowledge that we are acquiring to become much more developed in every way. But what happens when the knowledge we are given is wrong? When we are pleased to acquire information about something and those details are false? False knowledge could be much more harmful than ignorance. The article you are reading now is for a similar purpose. We DaMENSCH are here to illuminate some false myths about men’s underwear and help you to get rid of them by disposing of them off from your minds with the right information. 

  1. Thongs are for women: On one hand, we’re so proud that we are becoming advanced. On the other hand, our mind-set is still at the same spot which it was years ago. Still, so many men believe that thongs are just for women, but that’s not the reality. If you go back to the times when the thongs came into being and search for them, you will get to know that they were purposefully made for men. So there is no need to worry about what society will think and choose what comforts you more by clearing out the underwear myth from your minds. 
  2. Briefs affect the sperm count: This is another false myth that people start believing without even trying to dig out the truth. Yes, it is not the right idea to wear underwear that is tightly stretched because it can affect the sperm count, but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear underwear. It only means you need to choose the right fit for yourself and vanish this false myth about men’s underwear from your mind.
  3. The type doesn’t matter: A very small number of the male population are genuinely aware that underwear plays a vital role in clothing. People put every underwear under one group, which can have a negative impact on day-to-day life. The boxer fits well with shorts because they loosely fit and cannot go with skin fit jeans and can make you feel worse because of constant adjustment issues at the same time. When you sweat a lot, then a fabric that remains damp would be the worst choice for you. So it would help if you cleared out this myth about guys underwear that the type doesn’t matter when it comes to underwear and choose the right one for you according to your needs. 
  4. Your underwear doesn’t matter for your spouse; your underwear is as important as your other clothing to drive your spouse crazy about you. Underwear can boost your confidence. Right undies can make you feel more confident from within when you actually know, and it suits you perfectly. And your confidence directly attracts your partner towards you and can help you experience a better sexual life. So guys, stop underestimating your pair of undies and take full advantage of them and clear such illogical myths about male underwear and select the right one for you.
  5.  Choose one and keep choosing it: it is not a hard and fast rule to select one of the given types and keep choosing that repeatedly while neglecting the other varieties you are given. When you are provided with diverse variety, what’s the need to stick on one? Just go with your needs and select whatever you fit perfectly. If we talk about trunks, these are great for workouts, for shorts, briefs and boxers; they go perfectly. Boxers won’t be the right option if you plan to wear a properly fitted bottom. So choose wisely and try different varieties while disposing of such wrongly spread myths about gents underwear.
  6. Not serious about size: One needs to be cautious while selecting. The wrong one can leave you irritated. Too-tight underwear can irritate your skin, and you feel too cramped while wearing too small underwear. On the other hand, losing undies can make you bulky too. So it’s crucial for everyone to stop believing these false myths about male underwear and choose underwear intelligently.
  7. Suffer and don’t fix it: Everyone is aware of this carefree attitude of men, and somewhere this is the drawback of the rigid and undeveloped mentality of our society that men do not need to care because caring is a trait which links with women. When we carefully look at it, we realize that it is actually illogical if someone wears the wrong fitted underwear and just let it be the way it is without even caring to adjust it. And he doesn’t fix it because he doesn’t care.
  8. Showing off underwear lines is manly: One of the common myths about guys underwear is that if the lines are visible through your pants, it is not a matter of your concern because it only matters to women. Being a man, you can roam in a carefree way, but the reality is just the opposite. The truth is thin clothing should only be worn with the right kind of underwear because when the underwear lines get visible, no matter who you are, whether male or female, it doesn’t look good to the eyes, and people might assume you are not professional.
  9. Wearing underwear while sleeping can harm your fertility: We believe since ages that sleeping in underwear can affect your fertility rate negatively. But if you look at the reality, you would get to know that sleeping in underwear doesn’t harm anyone if they’re wearing the right fit that is not too tight and made of the right breathable fabric.
  10. Keep choosing the same because you have purchased it: Underwear is an important part when it comes to clothing, so you should feel the comfort when you wear them, they shouldn’t lose their quality even when we wash them several times When you feel any difference, or you feel uncomfortable you should immediately stop wearing them and select the perfect fitted one for you. Because the wrong fitting can cause a negative impact on your health. So break this false myth about gents underwear of choosing the same one again and again even when it is harming you just because you have invested in it. Don’t forget that health comes first.

We DaMENSCH are here with the classy pair of undies for you all because we believe in offering the best experience and perfect comfort to our world.