All You Need To Know About Solar Energy Batteries

Solar energy was deemed unreliable because of inability to store the energy during peak production for use when the supply dips. The invention and improvement of solar energy batteries are some of the factors contributing to the 20% growth in solar energy production in 2020 according to the International Energy Agency-IEA. Improvement and increased sale of solar batteries have been game changes in the utilization of solar power for domestic and commercial use.

While solar energy systems have been in use for a while in the market, batteries have added a new dynamic. They have increased the capability of storing solar energy, making production units more reliable. The development of the solar batteries was driven by the need to capture, store, and even transport solar energy.

What is Defined as a Solar Energy Battery and How Does it Work?

The size of the solar energy market in 2018 was expected to double in size by 2023 to $4.5billion according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. While the technology has been in existence for years, the cost of installation has been difficult to balance considering the reliability of the sun, especially its absence in the night. The development of the solar battery is one of the improvements fueling exponential growth in the solar industry.

What is this solar energy battery and how does it work? To begin with, the battery forms a part of solar + storage system. While the panels generate solar energy, the system will come with additional features that facilitate the capture and storage of solar power for future use.

The battery works in this way, once the maximum energy needed to run a system is reached; the excess is directed towards a storage battery. It means that two operations will be running concurrently; solar panels will be supplying power to the system and at the same time charging a battery. In case power from the panel goes below what the system requires-like in the night or during cloudy days, the balance comes from the battery. The solar energy batteries act as a spillway for excess energy produced by your system and at the same time a backup in case the power coming from the panels goes below what the system needs. Interestingly, the batteries can also be charged from grid electricity in case power from the solar panels is not enough.

Advantages of Solar Energy Batteries

A solar + storage system is complex and more expensive to install. It is the benefits offered by such a system, especially the batteries that make the effort worth. Here are some of the advantages that will convince you to invest in solar energy batteries.

Help you to Make the Most of Solar Power and System

Solar systems are designed to operate within a reasonable energy production range. However, changing solar intensity during the day means that at one point more energy will be produced that you can consume. Instead of letting it go to waste, the batteries store it for future use. It means that the capacity of your system will be fully utilized.

Makes your Solar Energy System more Reliable

Solar energy systems were shunned because of unreliable supply. The battery is a game changer that is allowing constant flow even during hours when the conditions do not allow maximum production. You can plan easily for your energy supply.

It Contributes to Green Energy Production

Losing excess energy produced by solar panels translates into misuse of resources. Since the batteries store the excess energy, the production resources are not wasted. Further, the stored energy will be used to reduce reliance on other energy sources that are not environmentally friendly.

Reduced Electricity Bill

Storing solar energy means that your electricity bill will reduce. It allows you to engage energy demanding activities without the fear of a higher bill. As a result, your profits for a business and disposable income for residential clients will improve.

How to Choose the Best Solar Energy Battery

Improvements on solar energy storage batteries are making the technology more efficient and affordable. With numerous batteries, choosing the best could be a challenge, especially considering that the technology is relatively new. Here is a brief guide to consider.

Buy batteries from established and credible manufacturers. Since few can claim to have experience, the standards set by industry regulators will guide you on the best brands to buy. While you might test new battery brands, do it cautiously.

Work with professional solar energy battery technicians and companies. Their experience installing and servicing these systems will help you to get a reliable one for your home or commercial set up. Professionalism is an investment that rewards you with a stress-free system.

Wrapping Up

Solar energy batteries are a game changer in the utilization of solar power. With professional design and installation, you will reinvent your energy utilization and costs. The batteries are a foundation for reliable, secure, and eco-friendly energy.