Do I Need To Buy Shares To Promote My Account On Tiktok?


Jul 28, 2020

Well, the short answer would be — yes, totally. Yet to have you understand the situation completely we would have to say more than that. Let’s start from the very beginning — what do we know about TikTok as about the social media platform? It became popular not that long ago, yet very quickly and rapidly. Why did this happen?  It is a combination of two things — people’s love for entertaining content and they are constant yearn to gain feedback and grow bigger as they see how many opportunities popular accounts on social media can bring. That’s why many creators suddenly understood that promoting their content on TikTok can make them real popular real quick, plus it can help them to make money out of the partnerships where they can create content for advertisers and massive companies that look for new faces online constantly. That’s when a chance to buy TikTok shares (and other services as well) became super required and people have started to turn for professional promoters help way more often.

But what can paid shares give me?

First of all, these will save you lots of time. You’ll be able to concentrate on more important things such as generating quality content and interacting with your audience in many ways. Second of all, paid shares are the door to many opportunities: for example, you’ll be able to not only gain more shares naturally, but you will also be able to gain more followers, more likes and more views over time just because of these paid shares. The more shares you buy, the more times your video is going to appear on other real people’s pages: it leads to the situation where your videos will be seen by new circles of people that are attached to the pages where your “paid” shares have come from. This is how this circle of paid service actually works — first you buy yourself shares (or anything else) and then it starts working on your account during a very long time. Paid shares also will help you to build the reputation of a blogger who has very appealing, engaging and entertaining videos.

Great. Where do I buy real shares for my profile that would also be inexpensive or even cheap?

Well, you could make a big research to figure out which companies are worth working with and which ones are trying to scam their clients, but not so many people actually have enough time and resources for that. If you are one of these people you might really like our advice: you can buy yourself any required amount of shares for TikTok from Soclikes, as we are the company that takes care of clients from the beginning till end. We give constant support and make sure that delivered services brought benefits only to our customers accounts.

What exactly do you offer? Are your promo options legit?

We offer quality technical and informational support, as well as we try to set our client’s promo on TikTok and on any other social media as efficiently as possible. We provide our customers with real shares only and we never use bots at all actually — we don’t even have them in our chat on the website, which is a very common thing in the promo sphere where companies’ staff has to talk to clients constantly. To minimize their work websites usually are running with the help of bots — we don’t think that’s a great idea and we have only real people talking to our clients and organizing the delivery of chosen packages to customers.

Moreover, we have a very helpful FAQ section, lots of articles and even a blog on our website — there you can find lots of helpful information about a promotion on TikTok and on other social media websites as well. If you do not know where to start and if you are new to online promotion in general, you can easily take on our managers help and come prepared to this new purchase of yours.

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